We Are Hosting a Map Design Contest!

Hello Outlaws, I am Robbin, level designer at NOWWA, and I need your help in designing one of BulletVille’s upcoming maps!

February 8, 2021
- By The BulletVille Team

The map I’m currently working on, project name ‘Western Remake’, has an empty open room that needs a bit of spice. Can you come up with cool ideas to make it awesome?

From Feb. 1st to Feb. 28th we are holding a contest: create your own interpretation of that room, and the winner will get their idea made by me. 

There is a template you can use to make it easier, but you are free to use whatever 2D/3D tools you want, as long as the end result is a JPEG/PNG. You can find the templates on our Discord under #content-info along with the #submit-here channel for your contest submissions.

After February 28, Tier 2 and 3 (Rebel and Angel) Patreon Supporters will vote on their favourite and decide the winner. Want to give yourself the highest chance of winning? Become a Patreon Supporter today and give yourself at least one vote. It would make Tarvos Wayward proud.

Hope you guys are just as excited as me about our first ever contest! Let’s see some cool ideas!

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