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New Montana is a beautiful place to live, once you look past the constant death and destruction.
Fight in the city, in the desert, On the sky, or on the moon, among other scenic vistas! Don’t stop to take in the landscape, or else that castle might be your crypt!
Anam-Ka’Rui (Alien Temple)
A mysterious, unsettling structure in the heart of the Golden Wasteland. Its name is said to have been whispered by its discoverer, after he fainted upon setting foot inside. Tarvos Wayward has yet to formally acknowledge this citadel’s existence, but theories as to its origin continue to pop up on conspiracy networks across the galaxy. The most credible of these theories is that Anam-Ka’Rui is all that remains of an ancient civilization that ruled the planet aeons ago. Though its rumored that treasures and alien weapons are buried among the strange, extraterrestrial architecture of this temple, it’s possible that the eldritch forces that built it within are still around…
Castle of Aarrgh
Either the owner of this castle died while naming it, or they were just a big Monty Python fan. Not even Tarvos Wayward can explain the existence of this random medieval castle built on a random craggy shore. (Or is it a reef? Maybe a delta…?) The only logical conclusion is that some rich asshole with more time than sanity decided they wanted a castle and spent their life building it. It’s a solid castle, but without a king. Or a kingdom. Or any point to its existence. Anyway, now people come and shoot each other here and there may be treasure hidden somewhere inside. I don’t know and don’t care. Seriously, this place has to have a foundation. What is it built on?!
High Stratos (Sky City)
Up where the air is clear and the hum of the neutron thrusters lulls you to sleep at night. High Stratos was originally designed to host dignitaries and officials from the Union of Galactic Species on New Montana; with features like luxury accommodation, furnished conference rooms, free WiFi, and a two hundred kilometer vertical separation from the planet’s surface. Since New Montana’s privatisation by the Wayward Group, the UGS hasn’t set foot on High Stratos and dismissed it as a headquarters, leaving it open and unprotected for any schmuck with a flightready vehicle to raid.
Marauder Mesa (NEW West)
Technically not a mesa, but bandits aren’t exactly topography majors. Marauder Mesa started out as little more than a camp for the planet’s first settlers. Once its treasures and history were unearthed, they established Harmony Vale with houses, a general store, and—of course—a brothel. As more people settled around the planet, Harmony Vale remained as it was to preserve its history, even when the planet fell into the hands of the Union of Galactic Species, then Tarvos Wayward. When Tarvos rescinded the planet’s laws to accommodate the Treasure Rush, bandits took over the town and rebranded it Marauder Mesa. Again, it’s not a mesa, it’s a valley.
Osaka-Ku (Nu Tokio)
Proof that gentrification can happen anywhere, even on New Montana Osaka-Ku was green-lit as part of a business deal between Tarvos Wayward and macro-industrialist Makemake Gyokai. Gyokai planned to use Osaka-Ku’s economy to buy New Montana for himself, and turned it into a bustling sector for small restaurants and high-rise apartments. However, when Tarvos Wayward began the Treasure Rush and scrapped New Montana’s laws, most of Osaka-Ku’s citizens ditched the planet altogether. Though some remained to capitalize on the culture (even murderers like ramen) Gyokai lost everything, and took his own life. Some say that’s exactly what Tarvos Wayward wanted.
Tarvosham (New London)
In its glory days, Tarvosham was the pet project of Tarvos Wayward, whose love of Victorian aesthetics inspired him to design the entire district of New Montana just a short distance from his front door. Powered entirely by steam (generated by underground nuclear power chambers), Tarvosham was strictly for people of class, sophistication, and proper dress sense. On her way out of the burning Wayward Estate, Orion personally laid waste to Tarvosham until its citizens were forced to evacuate. Since then, Tarvosham has been a sad blotch on New Montana’s landscape; beloved for its design, but feared for its legacy.
The District
The District is what happens when the guy who owns the planet you’re building a highway on announces he’s scrapping every law on the planet during your lunch break. The District was originally meant to be an interchange and layover spot along highways across New Montan, but when Tarvos Wayward threw all of the Planet’s already questionable legislation into the fire, the entire construction crew abandoned the site to flee the planet before the carnage began. Once the rogues, bandits and marauders found the abandoned site, it soon became a shanty town, where the rent is free and the days are full of gunfire.
The Golden Waste (Wasteland)
Of course a planet as worthless as New Montana is half-desert. But don’t let the name fool you; the operative word here is ‘Wasteland’. You’d be hard-pressed to find a tumbleweed in this arid landscape. But one thing you’ll find plenty of? Bones. Just below the shifting, never-ending surface of the sand dunes is a graveyard of foolish treasure hunters, mercenaries and people who never learned how to use a map. Why do so many people die out here? Marketing. The ‘Golden Waste’ is one of Tarvos Wayward’s key selling points for the Treasure Rush. Who cares if you forgot water? Just keep digging! You might find ancient treasures out here—or something else…
The Scarlet Temple (The Forest)
The Scarlet Temple is a dark red stain on the Union of Galactic Species’ history. Before the UGS claimed the planet that would eventually be named New Montana, it was the base of the Order of the Dark Light, a pseudo-religious fanatical sect responsible for the abduction and slaughter of millions of children across the universe. They built the temple to house laboratories, where they spliced the DNA of their victims to create the genetically-perfect Mechassassin. Only one such soldier, K-05, never left the temple. Decades later, UGS emissaries found the site and dubbed it the Scarlet Temple. Why? Well… It was easier to paint around the blood than clean it all up.
Waypoint Station
There’s a Waypoint Station on almost every planet in the Union of Galactic Species; the sordid contract between them and the Wayward Group made sure of that. One of Tarvos Wayward’s many thousands of interstellar spaceports, New Montana’s Waypoint Station is built on its moon, Helenia. With space for even the largest commercial vessels, Waypoint Station is complete with fueling points, overnight rooms and a members-only commissary, as well as transports to the planet’s surface. You’d think letting criminals wage guerrilla warfare here would be bad for business, but when your planet’s whole schtick is violence and fortune-seeking, it just gets people to the action faster.
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