Hero Shooter / Platformer
& Creation Tool
On a planet full of treasure with no laws, choose your hero and wage hell on your enemies in the name of fame, fortune,and wanton carnage!
Nowwa Presents: BulletVille
In BulletVille, bravado runs through yourblood. Think on your feet, mind your surroundings, and use your hero’s uniqueskills to emerge victorious and win the day—and maybe some riches!
BulletVille is a third-person, team heroshooter & platformer inspired by arena shooters of the past, and the modernmechanics of current gen games.
BulletVille mixes the frantic shooting gameplayfrom games like Quake 3 Arena; the diverse heroes cast of games like Overwatch;the character progression from games like Paladins; the third person highmobility from games like Warframe and Infamous 2; the vehicle combat from gameslike Borderlands 2 or Battlefield; the sandbox creation freedom from games likeMinecraft, and much, much more!
BulletVille is currently planned for release onPC and Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS, Android).
Beautiful, highly-polished visuals! super polished locomotion feel!
Bringing back the plaftforming to the shooter genre: Double jump, wall run, climb, cover, value, slide glide, grind; trampolines, rails and much more.
hero classes
Cowboys, space pirates, cyborg ninjas, robots, aliens, cat with boxing gloves? We’ve got it all!. Customize how they look, but also how they move and feel and make them your own!
faster maps
Wage wars in up to 6v6 maps in epic battles!
Each hero can handle 2 types of guns and has an ultimate ability, plus one melee move.
Earn skill points and ingame currency by playing matches, spend them leveling up and unlocking new goodies!
exotic locations
Many different maps: industrial, victorian, temples, forests, wastelands, cyberpunk, space, castles, and more!
creation workshop
Level editor workshop to make your own environments, experiment with game modes, and share with the community!
A TRADE community
Community driven marketplace to buy and sell your own assets, skins, maps and more!
The year is 3084. When the rest of the universe is at peace and under the governance of the Union of Galactic Species, one planet remains a haven for mayhem, debauchery and wanton violence: New Montana.
When intergalactic decillionaire Tarvos Wayward bought the otherwise worthless, crime-infested planet, he opted to lean into the planet’s skeevy reputation and rescinded all the planet’s laws.
New Montana fast became the one-stop destination for every murderer, runaway and glory-seeker in the universe.
At the peak of the carnage, Tarvos Wayward announced the Treasure Rush: an invitation to every fortune-seeker on every planet to come to New Montana in search of riches. Scores of psychopaths rushed to buy Wayward-brand guns and ammo and docked at the planet’s Waypoint Station, embarking on a quest to plunder the world’s riches, artefacts and treasures.
Welcome to New Montana!
From bandits to robots to cats in boxing gloves, vagabonds and marauders of any shape and size are welcome on New Montana!
Choose your hero, master their abilities, and blow new holes in your enemies with their unique weapons and play-styles!
"Space Bandit" Cassidy
"Space Bandit" Cassidy
"Space Bandit" Cassidy
HUNTER CASSIDY: The Space Bandit
“Hand over your booze, your money, and your guns. In! That! Order!”

The wild tempered, but ‘suave’ reigning king of the biggest bandit clan this side of the District. Records show that Hunter had a troubled teenage years, geting drunk, comitting petty crimes and hanging out with the Young Bandits of Silas-8, but his mother, then a respected surgeon, conviced him to get his head straight and to follow her steps into medicine.

By his mid-twenties, Hunter had graduated top of his class from Archneuron Razmarix’s University of Cybernetic Medicine and Mechanical Healing, earning him a place at the Union of Galactic Species’ School of Robotic Surgical Practices on 311-Alpha. Hunter took a community service position on his grandfather’s homeworld: Earth. It didn’t take long for Hunter to meet the love his life and settle into family life with the birth of his daughter, Ruby.

Life was good!

But then his student loan debt and bills piled up; turns out the Union were pretty stiff on that 18% trillion interest rate. His only option was to take out a sucession of black market loans from his old bandit friends, now relocated to New Montana.

Eventually the bandits came looking for their money, with the weaponry to take it. When Hunter joked that he couldn’t pay up the full amount and that they should get real jobs, the bandits brutally cut away his arm, took away his left eye, and made him watch as they executed his family.
Left for dead, Hunter swore revenge and used his skills to cybernetically augment his body, waging a one-man, booze-fuelled war against the whole clan and anyone who’d help them. After three years, his ex-friends lay dead at his feet, and those that were left bent the knee to their new king: Hunter Cassidy.

Hunter Samuel Cassidy
Bandit King, Former Surgeon
Augmented human
Rocket Toaster, Sonic Magnum
Special Ability:
Booze Rain
"Dancer" Rose
"Dancer" Rose
"Dancer" Rose
LACEY ROSE: The Dancer
“A dance costs extra, but I’ll kill you for free.”

The sharpest shot to ever sling suds. Lauren Reid was born on Mimas, a moon of Saturn, but her winner-take-all attitude, high-speed focus and ‘strong personality’ quickly put her on a one-way trip to the newly-established boarding school planet of Luyten b. Her gifts and rambunctious zeal far from nurtured by Luyten b’s educational system, Lauren dropped out of high school and took whatever job didn’t ask for a résumé.

From bussing tables at a Saturnian restaurant to working as a barista at the Waypoint Station, living paycheque to paycheque put Lauren in a daily cycle of misery and boredom with no foreseeable way out. But that all changed when Lauren tuned into an ad for New Montana. A planet of mayhem, lawlessness and treasure that guaranteed either an early death or a half decent nest egg for retirement? She was already on her way!

The minute she set foot on New Montana, Lauren found a new job working as a dancer and bartender at a saloon under the name Lacey Rose—funnily enough, it was the most satisfying job she’d ever had. With her first paycheque, she bought some guns and a buttload of ammo. On her first day off, Lacey Rose charged into the wilderness in search of untold riches or an awesome death—either would be better than working customer service.

Lauren Minerva Reid
Fortune-Seeker, Saloon Dancer
Mimas, Saturn
Shotgun, Revolver
Special Ability:
Hypno Dance
"The Commando"
"The Commando"
"The Commando"
GEARTOOTH: The Commando
“Somebody get Geartooth a gun to eat!”

Geartooth is the human equivalent of a bullet shaped like a fist, but with a heart of gold and a sweet soul to fall back on. In a period of great hostility on planet Earth, Gary Harris’s physical strength and combat prowess helped him lead a battalion of elite commandos to victory after victory. Taking more than a few near-misses to the head in the line of duty, Gary’s personality was permanently enlarged and his inhibitions were stifled, as was his ability to refer to himself in the first person.

When Earth joined the Union of Galactic Species, Gary’s military credentials put him on the front lines across the universe, where his lower jaw was blown off from catching an enemy grenade with his teeth. The Union stretched the parameters their military health insurance to fit Gary with an experimental robotic lower jaw as well as a few other cybernetic enhancements. Gary was reborn as Geartooth, the Union’s greatest soldier (with fewer than seven hands).

But when the Union’s military campaign paid off and brought a new age of peace the universe, Geartooth found himself at war with his own destiny. With no wars to fight in, Geartooth fell into is own kind of depression: hard drinking and a nasty habit of eating three fistfuls of bullets a day.

When news of a planet full of criminals, mercenaries and loot-hunters calling for more bodies to reap the benefits of violence and war, Geartooth hijacked the first shuttle to fly by his window and set off to quench his thirst for blood on the horizons of New Montana.

Sergeant Gary Thomas Harris
Mercenary, Former Marine
Human Cyborg
Minigun, Machine gun
Special Ability:
Milkshaker AI Turret
"The Bully Hunter"
"The Bully Hunter"
"The Bully Hunter"
WILLY PUNCH: The Bullyhunter
“Will he scratch? Will he bite? WILLY PUNCH!”

A cat in a boxing gloves with an addiction to monster hunting (yes, you read that right.) Willy’s existence is, in and of itself, a complete head-scratcher. Is he the last in a long line of universally renowned beast-hunting cats? Is he the end result of some mad scientist’s experiments that escaped and embarked on a never-ending quest to rid the universe of monsters? Is he God itself? Nobody knows, and if you ever get close enough to ask him, he’ll put out your lights before you get the chance.
Ah, yes, he gets a little angry, or a lot, way too easy, all too often.

Ok. He’s just a fight waiting to happen. Or explode.

The first concrete evidence of Willy Punch’s existence can be traced to a conspiracy website attempting to link the appearances of giant monsters across the universe to the Union of Galactic Species. In every reported incident, witnesses and photographic evidence pointed to the intervention of a small black creature in metallic gauntlets to the defeats of the monsters involved. Coronary reports and forensic evidence identified the DNA of a feline at every scene, as well as the causes of death being tied to blunt force trauma, as if the monsters were killed by incredibly powerful punches.

In recent years conspiracy theorists have rumoured this creature—referred to only as Willy Punch—to be on New Montana, a planet famous for its violence, its treasures, and its abundance of giant monsters. But no matter who or what Willy Punch is, three things are clear: 1: He’s never far from a monster. 2: He packs a mean punch. And 3: He’s right at crotch height.

Willy Punch
Monster Hunter
Cat (Perhaps Cat-Boxing Glove Hybrid)
Right fist, left fist
Special Ability:
Willy Rage
"The Starborn"
"The Starborn"
"The Starborn"
ANGEL: The Starborn
“Would you be willing to fill out a survey regarding your death?”

The greatest mind in the universe with the heart of a child and an endless hunger for knowledge. The Angel is an ancient entity from an unknown creator, even to herself. Emerging from a cocoon in the heart of a dying star, this entity’s first deed to the universe was consuming the power of its own supernova—preventing the destruction of tree civilised worlds as a bonus. With no memory of her own existence but a profound bank of knowledge and information, the entity sought out what it could only describe as its heart’s desire: life.

Wandering the universe for many cycles, the entity explored new worlds filled with organic beings, where her curiosity only became harder to ignore. A singular purpose calling out to her: life. Barely understanding her nature as a cyborg, the entity resolved to learn about the nature and beauty of life in all its forms. The entity adopted a name she found in various scriptures and temples: Angel. Angel roamed the cosmos seeking the true meaning of life, and never found her answers. But then Angel discovered something better.

Within five minutes of her arrival on Silas-8, she witnessed a man getting shot over a spilled beer, and her curiosity got captured by an entirely new phenomenon: brutal death. Stricken by this new epiphany, Angel thanked the killer for his demonstration… and proceeded to kill him, for firsthand data. Angel forged a path of fruitful murder and scientifically sound killing across the universe. She eventually landed on New Montana, a planet where wanton carnage wasn’t just socially acceptable, but where new test subjects practically lined themselves up at Angel’s door to volunteer for her experiments—whether they knew it or not.

Celestial Cyborg
Sniper, Plasma Sampler
Special Ability:
"The Mechassassin"
"The Mechassassin"
"The Mechassassin"
K-05: The Mechassassin
“I was born to murder. I learned to charge for it.”

The highest-rated, highest-priced assassin in the universe. For a short time before its acquisition by the UGS and resale to Tarvos Wayward, New Montana was the hiding place of the Order of the Dark Light, a fanatical sect that kidnappend special children in search for specific DNA markers, in order to manufacture the highly-efficient, lethally-dangerous biosynthetic warriors: the ODL Mechassassin. ODL planned to build an army of subjects from A-00 to Z-99 in the search for the holy grail killer.

Until they got to K.

Perhaps it was a glitch, or perhaps it was fate. The unit branded K-05 witnessed a vision of their true master: Not the ODL, but Death itself. Before K-05 had uttered their first word, they’d racked up a kill-count of 1,425: all 220 members of the Order, and all 1,205 of their fellow Mechassassins. Considering this experience a perfect systems calibration, they departed the order with blood on their feet.

K-05 spent the coming decades refining their technique across New Montana and surrounding planets, just as Tarvos Wayward began his campaign to turn the world into a planet of bandits, treasure hunters and killers. Now on a path to complete their truth directive, to bring all life in the universe to Death, K-05 began a secondary career as a mercenary. As an emissary of Death, it was inevitable that everything would die before them. In the meantime, they might as well get paid for it.

ODL Mechassassin Unit K-05
New Montana
Martial arts, Katana
Special Ability:
"The Murderdog"
"The Murderdog"
"The Murderdog"
ORION: The Murderdog
“Muderdogs! Murderdogs! Murderdogs!”

Runaway child of the universe’s richest man and last of the Murderdogs. You’d think being the daughter of Tarvos Wayward would be easy; his first four had no complaints. But Orion was always a black dog in a family of silver spoon sheep. The constant surveillance by journalists, the hyper-constricted lifestyle of hardcore studies and pointless galas, and the expectation of eternal perfection from her own father filled Orion with unfathomable rage with no outlets. Given her father literally owned the planet beneath her feet, Orion felt there no way to escape her life.

Then she found the Hyper-Derby circuit: an underground league of super violent derby squads from planets across the universe. Sneaking out in the dead of night, she tried out for her home team: the New Montana Murderdogs. Orion not only made the team, but soon became their star player. With a new family of take-no-prisoners sisters and hardcore derby wives, Orion’s finally got a taste of freedom as the Murderdogs’ lead jammer. Then one stalker paparazzi followed her to the track and caught a snap of her in uniform.

When the universe heard that the daughter of the man who owned half the galaxy was a prize player of an illegal sport circuit, the media had a field day. Tarvos Wayward, determined to save face, did the same thing any loving father would do: he bought the team, shut it down, and had all of it’s players dismembered.
Having lost the closest thing she ever had to a true family, Orion set fire to her Victorian home state on New Montana and ran away. She now roams around with three things on her list: 1: Keep the spirit of the Murderdogs alive. 2: Cleanse New Montana of the Wayward name in fire and blood. 3: Make her father watch the whole thing, and burn him alive at the end.

Orion Wayward
Anarchist, Hyper-Derby Player
New Montana
Knuckles gun, Hover-Chainsaw
Special Ability:
"The Cannonblaster"
"The Cannonblaster"
"The Cannonblaster"
TRAX: The Cannonblaster
“Today is the greatest day since yesterday!”

The biggest bucket of bolts that ever blew a hole in the hull of a hypercruiser. The pet project of Trish, a mechanic at the Waypoint Station, Trax’s body was assembled from the ‘unnecessary’ parts of various customers’ vehicles—with a couple heavy assault cannons thrown in for good measure. During the upload of his standard military AI, Trax’s defence protocols were prematurely activated when a group of angry mercenaries stopped by to ‘submit a complaint’ about their missing cannons.

With only half a functional personality and the mercenaries splattered across the workshop, Trish deemed her creation a complete success! Beholden to his ‘Mama Trish’s work and eager to help however he could, Trax quick became a skilled mechanic and engineer in his own right, as well as a more-than-competent bodyguard when trouble comes a-callin’. But always the career woman, Trish’s work calls her off-world more days than it doesn’t. When she’s away, Trax has free rein of the workshop.

But when work is slow, Trax’s social side gets the better of him and he finds himself taking part in all the fun activities New Montana has to offer—looting, guerrilla warfare, and wanton murder and mayhem! Ever the optimist and happy just to be involved, Trax will be friends with anyone living or dead! Turns out having cannons for hands leaves you pretty free of things to stress about. The only thing that can ever bum Trax out is making him sit still.

Heavy Assault Robot
New Montana
Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher
Special Ability:
Hydraulic Shield
the amazing
Grind on rails, climb up walls, commandeer vehicles and mechs—if you’re standing still, you’re doing it wrong! With a million ways to move around the battlefield, you’re sure to find a method of murder that’s right for you!
Most Heroes have equipped Hunter’s home made Rocket Boots™, which allows them to run on walls, up and horizontally.
See a wall ledge you want to grab? need a little break let your Rocket Boots™ recharge? or just want to try some parkour? climb away!
Rocket Boots™ act like mini jetpacks strapped to your the back of your legs, and help you extend your air time and fall slowly. Also keep you warm on winter.
Double jump
Rocket Boots™ allow to do a short double jump, specially useful when your first jump wasn’t high enough, and you just happen to need another one.
Rocket Boots™ allow you to attach to tubes, wires, and street corners for some ol’ school grinding, and make you feel like you’re a skateboarder, and look just as fresh.
Some heroes equip a L.A.S.S.O™ (Laser Amplified Synthetic Sample Organizer) raycaster to capture and organize inventory, and it’s ray it also lets them swing around like Spiderman.
Some heroes like K-05 can disappear in front of your eyes, and reappear when you least expect them!
Deploying turrets
Some heroes like Geartooth can spawn semi intelligent minions to do the dirty work. Hey, someone’s got to do it.
Deploying Shields
Some heroes like Trax can deploy an Hydraulic Shield™ that blocks enemy bullets coming in but lets friendly fire come out.
Feel like doing some parkour? find a medium size wall and jump. Your hero will know what to do!
Some heroes like Angel can fly. No need to run on walls, swing, grapple, or climb. Just go up on the air and dispense mayhem. Unfair? very. Fun? absolutely.
Bullets flying around and you’re low on health? hide behind a wall! It may not be as fun as jumping around all exposed, but for sure it’s safer.
New montana features a range of vehicles coming from different corners of the UNIVERSE, Some are man made, some are alien made, some are barely made!
exotic travel
New Montana is a beautiful place to live, once you look past the constant death and destruction.
Fight in the city, in the desert, On the sky, or on the moon, among other scenic vistas! Don’t stop to take in the landscape, or else that castle might be your crypt!
Anam-Ka’Rui (The Alien Temple)
A mysterious, unsettling structure in the heart of the Golden Wasteland. Its name is said to have been whispered by its discoverer, after he fainted upon setting foot inside. Tarvos Wayward has yet to formally acknowledge this citadel’s existence, but theories as to its origin continue to pop up on conspiracy networks across the galaxy. The most credible of these theories is that AnamKa’Rui is all that remains of an ancient civilisation that ruled the planet aeons ago. Though it’s rumoured that treasures and alien weapons are buried among the strange, extraterrestrial architecture of this temple, it’s possible that the eldritch forces that built it within are still around…
Castle of Aarrgh
Either the owner of this castle died while naming it, or they were just a big Monty Python fan. Not even Tarvos Wayward can explain the existence of this random medieval castle built on a random craggy shore. (Or is it a reef? Maybe a delta…?) The only logical conclusion is that some rich asshole with more time than sanity decided they wanted a castle and spent their life building it. It’s a solid castle, but without a king. Or a kingdom. Or any point to its existence. Anyway, now people come and shoot each other here and there may be treasure hidden somewhere inside. I don’t know and don’t care. Seriously, this place has to have a foundation. What is it built on?!
High Stratos (Sky City)
Up where the air is clear and the hum of the neutron thrusters lulls you to sleep at night. High Stratos was originally designed to host dignitaries and officials from the Union of Galactic Species on New Montana; with features like luxury accommodation, furnished conference rooms, free WiFi, and a two thousand kilometre vertical separation from the planet’s surface. Since New Montana’s privatisation by the Wayward Group, the UGS hasn’t set foot on High Stratos and dismissed it as a headquarters, leaving it open and unprotected for any schmuck with a flightready vehicle to raid.
Marauder Mesa (NEW West)
Technically not a mesa, but bandits aren’t exactly topography majors. Marauder Mesa started out as little more than a camp for the planet’s first settlers. Once its treasures and history were unearthed, they established Harmony Vale with houses, a general store, and—of course—a brothel. As more people settled around the planet, Harmony Vale remained as it was to preserve its history, even when the planet fell into the hands of the Union of Galactic Species, then Tarvos Wayward. When Tarvos rescinded the planet’s laws to accommodate the Treasure Rush, bandits took over the town and rebranded it Marauder Mesa. Again, it’s not a mesa, it’s a valley.
Osaka-Ku (New Tokio)
Proof that gentrification can happen anywhere, even in space. Osaka-Ku was green-lit as part of a business deal between Tarvos Wayward and macro-industrialist Makemake Gyokai. Gyokai planned to use Osaka-Ku’s economy to buy New Montana for himself, and turned it into a bustling sector for small restaurants and high-rise apartments. However, when Tarvos Wayward began the Treasure Rush and scrapped New Montana’s laws, most of Osaka-Ku’s citizens ditched the planet altogether. Though some remained to capitalise on the culture (even murderers like ramen) Gyokai lost everything, and took his own life. Some say that’s exactly what Tarvos Wayward wanted.
Tarvosham (New London)
In its glory days, Tarvosham was the pet project of Tarvos Wayward, whose love of Victorian aesthetics inspired him to design the entire district of New Montana just a short distance from his front door. Powered entirely by steam (generated by underground nuclear power chambers), Tarvosham was strictly for people of class, sophistication, and proper dress sense. On her way out of the burning Wayward Estate, Orion personally lay waste to Tarvosham until its citizens were forced to evacuate. Since then, Tarvosham has been a sad blotch on New Montana’s landscape; beloved for its design, but feared for its legacy.
The District
The District is what happens when the guy who owns the planet you’re building a highway on announces he’s scrapping every law on the planet during your lunch break. The District was originally meant to be an interchange and layover spot along highways across New Montana. When Tarvos Wayward threw all of the already crime-riddled planet’s laws into the fire, the entire construction crew abandoned the site to flee the planet before the carnage began. Once the rogues, bandits and marauders found the abandoned site, it soon became a shanty town, where the rent is free and the days are full of gunfire.
The Golden Wasteland
Because of course a planet as worthless as New Montana is half-desert. Don’t let the name fool you; the operative word here is ‘Wasteland’. You’d be hard-pressed to find a tumbleweed in this arid landscape. But one thing you’ll find plenty of? Bones. Just below the shifting, never-ending surface of the sand dunes is a graveyard of foolish treasure hunters, mercenaries and people who never learned how to use a map. Why do so many people die out here? Marketing. The ‘Golden Wasteland’ is one of Tarvos Wayward’s key selling points for the Treasure Rush. Who cares if you forgot water? Just keep digging! You might find ancient treasures out here—or something else…
The Scarlet Temple (The Forest)
The Scarlet Temple is a dark red stain on the Union of Galactic Species’ history. Before the UGS claimed the planet that would eventually be named New Montana, it was the base of the Order of the Dark Light, a pseudo-religious fanatical sect responsible for the abduction and slaughter of millions of children across the universe. They built the temple to house laboratories, where they spliced the DNA of their victims to create the genetically-perfect Mechassassin. Only one such soldier, K-05, ever left the temple. Decades later, UGS emissaries found the site and dubbed it the Scarlet Temple. Why? Well… It was easier to paint around the blood than clean it all up.
Waypoint Station
There’s a Waypoint Station on almost every planet in the Union of Galactic Species; a contract between them and the Wayward Group made sure of that. One of Tarvos Wayward’s thousands of interstellar spaceports, New Montana’s Waypoint Station is built on its moon, Helenia. With space fore even the largest commercial vessels, every Waypoint Station is complete with fuelling points, overnight rooms and a members-only commissary, as well as transports to the planet’s surface. You’d think letting criminals wage guerrilla warfare here would be bad for business, but when your planet’s whole schtick is violence and fortune-seeking, it just gets people to the action faster.
A Sandbox for
Battle Royale? Team Deathmatch? Free for All? Capture the Flag? Siege? Payload? Dominion? Coop against computer? How about a mode where everyone is Trax?
yes. Yes. Yes to that.
Unlike some shooters (cough, Fornite!), Bullet Ville is not a single-game mode game, but a sandbox where many game modes can be tried, played, competed on, and recombined. We continually experiment with game modes, and cater to the community by bringing the most fun ideas to top and center; do seasonal events, try new things in, take things away.Also, more and new game modes can be created on the in-game Creation Workshop, shared with the community, and improved upon.
Super royale
A faster, more  action packed version of the Battle Royale mode. 12 players, one map filled with ammo and power ups; one live, one winner. Play single or in teams up to 3 players.
Free for all
Up to 12 players try to rack up the max amount of kills on a fixed time. Play single or in teams up to 3 players.
The first to kill the opponent player or team 20 times wins the match. Play single or in teams up to 3 players.
Capture the flag
Two teams of 6 players each attempt to steal the flag from the enemy team’s base and bring it to their own. First to score 5 points wins.
Help your team push a payload betwen two points on the map, while the other team tries to stop you. Play in teams up to 6 players.
The first team to hold on to two separate spots on the map for 60 seconds wins the match. Play in teams up to 6 players.
Defeat the boss AI before it kils all your mates. Play in coop mode in teams up to 3 players.
Kill big
6 players team up to defeat another player with increased god like stats in under 3 minutes.
Free for all, but only vehicle combat. Played single or in teams up to 3 players.
Golden Rush
Two teams of 3 players mine resources and steal them from the privy hands of the opponent team’s members. The team with the most gold when the time runs out, wins.
Two teams attempt to destroy the opponent’s base power source before their mega robot Boss awakens and finishes the job. Played in teams of up to 6 players.
Make your own
Grab that Super VIP Monthly Membership and get crazy, now!
want contraband Loot boxes? A battle pass? AN in game store? cosmetics, skins, gun modifiers and other progression systems? WANT to make your hero unique to you? we‘ve gOT you covered.
super meta progresion
Collect skill points and currency from playing matches, collect rewards from the Battle Pass by completing objectives, receive and unlock contraband Pizza Boxes containing Holo-Tape digital loot that includes cosmetics, special consumable powers, mods for your guns, types of ammos and other customizables. Level up your hero and make it your own.
During a match you get skill points to spend on your Hero’s stats and skill tree. Wanna trade off speed for damage? need more resistance? tick a few boxes and it’s done.
level up
Winning matches lets you level up your Hero and unlock special game modes, weapon types, skins and more.
Pizza boxes
Open the contraband boxes for their much preciated Holo-Tape digital goods that can contain cosmetics, ammo types, mods for your weapons and one-off consumable powers.
Spend in-game currency to buy modifiers for your weapons, change ammo types, get new weapon models, trade the pistol for a flamethrower if you’d like.
Skin it alive
Change completely your wardrobe, hair styles, skin color and other cosmetic characteristics on the Black Marketplace
the Creation
& the Black marketplace
Ever wanted to feel like God? …Or Brahman? How about Amon-Gorloth? Space-Buddha?! Fine, have you ever wanted to create a world and share it with others? Well, now you can!.
In the Workshop, you can pick and choose your favourite pieces of New Montana’s various locales, shape the foundations and structures of your world, and throw it all together into your very own maps for jumping, shooting and waging unholy horror on your enemies! You can create your own game modes and play with your friends, and take ideas from others and mix them up with your own… or you can place a hundred barrels in the shape of a giant dick. Hah-hah-hah, aren’t you clever?
After you’ve created something cool and experimented with making your own game modes, alone or with friends; you can put it on the ingame Black Marketplace and let the community try it, in exchange for in-game currency and recognition.
Build a structures using basic boolean tools, place boxes, spheres, cyllinders; scale them, rotate them, and move them around.
Terrain tools
Terraform the land around you. Want mountains, desert, rivers, clouds? No problem!
Use any of our existing themes (Victorian, District etc) to populate your map. Dont worry, they all snap together like magic!
Texture and lighting
Use any of the textures included in Bullet Ville to finish your creation. Place lights, move them to create atmosphere.
Game modes
Scroll through our hand made game modes, modify them, add new rules, or make up your own. Think something crazy would be fun? try it.
Push the “live” button and join your map, play it alone on with your friends, then push it to the ingame Black Marketplace and let the comunity try it, and become famous!
It's Really
get everything for free wihout ever spending a dime, or, spend a few dImes and be a true god.
It’s realy free to play
BulletVille offers two playing models:
The Free To Play model: in which the game can be played for free, forever, without ever having to spend a dime on it, with all of it’s core systems tuned to be fair for the player experience, no pay to win, and no stalled progression.
And, the Super VIP Premium Monthly Subscription model: which unlocks the gold tier on the Battle Pass, and enables you to host your own maps created on the The Creation Workshop, play them with friends and list them on the Black Marketplace.
Well then, that was something! wasn’t it?
Now drop what you’re doing, and come play BulletVille!